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Affiliate Disclaimer and Legal Disclaimer 
Affiliate Disclaimer

We Use ClickFunnels in our business and we also provide links to clickfunnels products.  If you click on the link and eventually purchase clickfunnels or one of the other products or services clickfunnels sells there is a strong chance I will receive a commission if I provided the last link you clicked before you started you use of the Clickfunnels product.  

I really appreciate you select me to be the person who introduces to to Clickfunnels.  
Once you decide to buy... send me a text to 760.896.4663.  I will look to see that I received the credit.  
And when I do... I will be happy to find a way to help you use the product successfully. 

I have been using ClickFunnels for well over a year and I have come to Funnel Scripts. 
If you have not purchased funnelscripts already... Maybe we can use my copy via a zoom call to help you build out your first funnel.   

Legal Disclaimer

There are almost always exceptions to every rule and every law.  Lawyers can even argue about statutes of limitations which are codified in writing by the legislature each year.  

When it comes to the law.  If you are looking for legal advice for a specific pattern of facts you should speak with a lawyer / attorney in a one on one consultation. 
Nothing on this site can be construed as legal advice for your specific fact pattern.  
Every legal idea here is for general education only.  

Additionally at the time of this writing I am only licenced as an Attorney and as a Real Estate Broker in California.  
So my advice is not designed to address real estate law in other states. As far as Realtor work... I may refer clients to Realtors in other states and receive a commission referral  but I can not advise you about specific real estate properties or the contractual provisions in another state's contracts.  

For instance, I think I could properly explain to your Florida can be a great state for protecting some of your assets.  For instance, if you were to purchase a home in Florida and live it it as your main residence you could protect the money you put into the home from creditors.  However, even though I know how Florida's homestead laws work... I would refer you to a local Florida attorney to explain to you the risks and to make sure you properly avail yourself of Florida's homestead protections.  

So enjoy the site... but understand its for education purposes only.  At least until you set up a strategy session or consult with me. 

Thank you, 

John McConnin 
California Real Estate Attorney and Broker 
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San Diego CA, 92127
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